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Don't throw out your Tiny Teatox teabags!

There is more that can be done with your Tiny Teatox tea bags than just soaking them in water! Save up your Tiny Teatox tea...

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Top 10 factors that can upset your digestive system

Our bodies are complex units. Everything is interlinked and your body demands harmony from all of its organs.  A number of internal and external factors...

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Why eating a warm breakfast is essential!

The first meal when you wake up in the morning should be one that gently welcomes your body awake, providing it with nutrients and stamina...

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Heating up your smoothie!

 As you’ve probably read before – smoothies don’t always work brilliantly with everyone’s digestive system. As they are cold, the body needs to stop, warm...

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Who gets a headache whilst drinking wine? Read this!

Alyse Co-cliff from "An Apple A Day" Holistic Health Coaching gives us the inside story on why many of us get that dreaded 'wine headache'....

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