Don't throw out your Tiny Teatox teabags!

There is more that can be done with your Tiny Teatox tea bags than just soaking them in water!

Save up your Tiny Teatox tea bags for 2 days, keeping them in the fridge until you're ready to use.

Once you've collected 6 or so tea bags - you can open the bags and add the herbal contents into a soup/stew or hotpot.

The taste of the Tiny Tea ingredients aren't overbearing so they shouldn't compromise or override the taste of your dish.

The herbs will continue to do an amazing task of cleansing your insides, reducing bloat and nourishing your system when consumed along with a dish.

Due to the fact the Tiny Tea herbs have already been watered down -  there won't be any danger of overloading on Tiny Tea!


Enjoy x