@ashleigh_treacher it’s feedback like this that makes...

@ashleigh_treacher it’s feedback like this that makes the time we have put into developing our teas so worth it! Thanks babe we are so happy you love the Tiny Teatox and can feel a difference! Follow @ashleigh_treacher for inspo

All our teas at www.yourtea.com are organic herbal blends picked from high quality tea farms in China. The blends are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine with each ingredient playing a very important role in the teas function ☕

In our Tiny Tea we have 12 organic ingredients that work together to improve natural energy levels, restore healthy digestion during meals, reduce sugar cravings and remove toxins from your skin. The quantities of each ingredient are perfectly balanced to avoid the nasty side effects that some other detox’s/teatox’s have. The Tiny Tea believes if it can improve your digestion and reduce bloating this is far more helpful to those wanting to lose weight than a more aggressive laxative type detox.

Tiny Tea comes as a 14 or 28 day teatox. We recommend for those looking to restore optimal digestion processes to hve two weeks off after every 8 weeks drinking the Tiny Tea.

Our other tea’s include:

Her Tea - everyday antioxidant rich tea for girls who don’t necessarily want to reduce weight or bloating but want more energy and vitality.

Anti-C tea - rich in ingredients that fight the toxins responsible for many skin conditions including but not limited to cellulite and eczema. The perfect tea for your skin complexion

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