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@ashyruss loves her TinyTeatox! Due to a onslaught of...

@ashyruss loves her TinyTeatox! Due to a onslaught of “laxative teas” our TinyTeatox is sometimes bundled into this as a generalization. However we are so passionately against using laxatives as a form of “weight loss” that we really want to separate ourselves from such “teas”. Our tea is based on Chinese Medicine principles and consist of Chinese herbs that nourish the digestive system, clear dampness/food stagnation and nourish blood quality. Our TinyTea allows your body to function at its absolute optimum levels and as a result, aesthetic, physical and emotional changes occur. We preach overall health and well being because this is the only way to achieve health goals. There is no magic pill or potion that will whip your body into a Victoria’s Secret model, but if you can help your body to function to the best of its ability (physically And emotionally) then you’re half way there! Eating well, staying active and having a clear, positive mind is what we promote as a perfect partnership with our TinyTea ❤