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@jjenniferxo what a glowing testimonial! We are so happy for...

@jjenniferxo what a glowing testimonial! We are so happy for both Jen and her Mum! Here is it again in full “Me and my mum have been drinking Tiny Tea for about three days now and we are both loving it. My face did breakout on the first two days, however its all cleared up now and glowing. I dont feel bloated after my meals anymore, am a lot more energetic and havent craved any sugary foods. I have been waking up a lot earlier in the morning feeling very refreshed. It has motivated me and mum to exercise more. Who thought i would go on 45 to an hour power walks three times a week? I certainty didn’t. But i am loving the feeling of having something to motivate me. Even mum has already started recommending it to every family and friend we are seeing. We are both very thankful you created this tea! :)”