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@mrsimonhancock knows where it’s at!! If you’re not...

@mrsimonhancock knows where it’s at!! If you’re not already on the Man Tea bandwagon, jump on… Ladies, tell your man about our amazing blend- you’ll thank us for it xx Our magical “Man Tea” is an incredible powerful mix of Chinese herbs, designed to not only compliment but enhance any workout/body building results. It assists in creating larger muscle mass whilst still retaining “cut” muscle. Simultaneously it extracts fluid and bloating that can be caused by protein powders/bars/supplements.It will calm the digestive system and boost your energy levels to allow you to train harder and longer. This herbal mix won’t interfere with any current supplements, rather, it will help you achieve even greater results. Ladies - you too can take our Man Tea as it performs the same roles within your body as it does for men. It doesn’t cause “hormonal” changes - in fact the herbs do not interfere with or impact on this area of your body at all x