@postmodernrefugee experienced great results with her skin with...

@postmodernrefugee experienced great results with her skin with our magical TinyTeatox!! Want beautiful skin for face and body? Our top 6 tips:
1. 6-8 toasted almonds (essential oils will help moisten the skin. No more than 6-8 a day as they are high fat can create too much oil within the body otherwise
2. Hot water and 1/2 a lemon (lemon is a tonic and also acts as an anti bacterial. Starting each day with this will help settle the stomach and prepare it for the days work!)
3. Avoid sugar (aside from the fact sugar adds to weight gain, it is also highly aggressive within the body. It causes bloating within the skin and heats up the body which in turn can lead to hot, irritated pimples. Yes your Gran was correct when she said chocolate causes pimples! Thanks Gran!)
4. Bed around 10pm, up around 6am (your digestive system needs time to rejuvenate as it is what nourishes the skin by sending quality blood around the body. Poor blood = poor skin and since blood is made by the digestive system, the better chance it has to rest and recuperate, the better!)
5. Exfoliate and gently massage coconut oil into skin (cold pressed/organic) - (coconut oil will moisturize the skin without increasing bad oils. It repairs broken skin,rashes and uneven skin Tone in some cases.
6. Expel unwanted emotions! (Holding onto emotions such as upset, anger, frustration or sadness manifests in or organs as each is responsible for a different emotion. Overworking and blocking your organs stops them from doing their daily roles effectively and as a result, skin will suffer as the point of toxin/stress and emotional outlet from the body)