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Many people are under the assumption that we (Your Tea) deliver...

Many people are under the assumption that we (Your Tea) deliver the parcels ourselves. This is not correct. We use the top postal services around the world - as you can view as options upon purchasing and paying for postage with your tea. Every day, orders are dispatched the exact same way, at the exact same times. We do not change or alter any addresses. The addresses you provide us when purchasing the tea are the addresses that get printed out onto your parcel. Once we have passed on your tea package to the shipping company you chose upon purchase, they then scan the parcel in to their system, this is how and why tracking numbers appear. Delays in tracking numbers appearing or being sent via email, is due to any delays or faults at the postal service end. If your parcel is in transit but should have arrived, or is marked as sent but you’ve not received, then this is a matter for your postal service you chose. You must investigate the matter with the postal service as it is in their control and their hands. If the postal service says “we can’t find you parcel” - keep hassling. More often than not when you annoy them they then put effort into actually finding your parcel. On the odd occasion, if your parcel is stolen, we will replace out of courtesy. We know dealing with postal services can be tricky, but we are in the same situation as you. If you can not achieve your desired outcome after attempting to retrieve your package, then contact us and we will help ❤️However please, contact the postal service first and ensure that you get the service you’ve paid for. X