When will the Australian/NZ shop be restocked? Unfortunately...

When will the Australian/NZ shop be restocked?

Unfortunately our Australian/NZ shop is currently out of stock of all teas except our Fertility Tea. So unless you are planning to make babies you will need to wait approx 4-6 weeks until we are re stocked. The slight wait will be well worth it - this time however we are not taking any presales at all.

USA has a small amount of 14 day Tiny Tea and Fertility tea in stock but will soon be sold out too.

Canada, UK/Europe and Asia should be fully stocked up in the next 1-2 weeks with teas from our complete range.

We have been working hard to ensure 2014 we are fully stocked all year and have some exciting products to share with you

Thanks in advance for being patient!

Your Tea Xx