@emydalsted gives us her progress pics! Her feedback too:...

@emydalsted gives us her progress pics! Her feedback too: “So far this product has no negative effects on my body, it is all positive. I’ve lost 5 lbs in 2 weeks but it looks and feels like much more. My skin is beautiful, just on day 4 my boyfriend told me that my face looked like it was glowing. I’ve only had time to workout twice a week and I eat fairly clean with a few cheat meals here and there.

With other detoxes I have had to workout 6 days a week and eat nothing but kale and eggs to notice a difference in two weeks. I did one not too long ago and always felt fatigued and lethargic because I wasn’t eating enough. And with your tea tiny tea I have the same results as I did with that detox but I feel awesome and I’m eating enough and I have SOOOO much energy.

Thanks for everything!”