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While you all patiently wait for us to restock our magical...

While you all patiently wait for us to restock our magical TINYTEA, we thought we would give you an insight as to how our tea works in comparison to all the other “weight loss” teas function. Our tea is not a laxative tea unlike all others. Why? Because laxatives cause fire consequences for the body. Laxatives are destructive to the digestive system - the aggravate food intolerances and in some cases can contribute to the creation of a food intolerance via stripping your digestive system. So please, in between waiting for our TINYTEA to restock we don’t advise the use of other “laxative tea brands” - as there isn’t any other tea brand that contains the same ingredients as our TINYTEA. Instead, try sipping on hot water with lemon, Oolong tea, black tea and dandelion root tea. Avoid sugars, processed foods and chemicals. Eat in moderation so as not to stress your digestive system. Get 8 hrs sleep. Try to consume your foods warm and cooked. Eat clean. Laugh often, walk/exercise/stay active every day and be respectful of your body ❤️❤️❤️