@laurgudz gives us some lovely email feedback: “Hey over... – Your Tea Europe

@laurgudz gives us some lovely email feedback: “Hey over...

@laurgudz gives us some lovely email feedback: “Hey over there at Yourtea!

My name is Lauren and I just finished the Tinytea 14 day teatox and I cannot be any happier! I am back to my old self. I suffered from horrible bloating and felt so icky and weighed down all the time no matter what I did. This tea has seriously changed my life. Not only do I feel fantastic but I look it as well, I have my body back from the bloating devil and I have you guys to thank for my success, not only has it reduced my bloating but it has prepared me to hit the gym and have the hottest body that I can possibly have. I just want to thank you for such an amazing and delicious product. I will be ordering again ASAP and spreading the word and absolute truth about this tea! I will miss having my cups of tea as I have become so fond of the taste and feeling I get after I drink it. Hands down best purchase I’ve ever made. Thank you will all my heart. Sending my love from Canada”