Not being able to stick to your resolution is so 2013!!...

Not being able to stick to your resolution is so 2013!!
We’ve launched our ebook, “Creating a Healthier You” just in time to help you achieve your health goals.

in 2014 and beyond! Written by @natkringoudis our ambassador and doctor of Chinese medicine; it is packed full of qualified information based on years of knowledge and experience.

From time to time we all need both insight and motivation to keep our wellbeing on track. Being able to understand what your body is saying and why, allows us to achieve greater physical and mental health.

In our EBook, Nat explains exactly how to read your body and the tools to achieve both internal and external health.

We cover everything from how to achieve muscle definition, eradicating cellulite, reducing stress, alleviating PMS, resolving IBS and PCOS, reversing food intolerances, achieving glowing skin and dealing with emotions. We explain foods to eat, foods to avoid and why.
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