Warm Chia Seed Pudding by Nat Kringoudis

Warm Chia Seed Pudding - by Nat Kringoudis


Yet another guilt free, tasty dessert - perfect for winter!

Nat encourages you to eat this warm and do your digestive system a big favour – it loves warm food especially this time of year so grab yourself 2 minutes and whip this baby up!


2 tbs chia seeds 

1 tbs cacao (you may need to adjust this to your liking)

2 tsp rice malt syrup (or xylitol or stevia or coconut sugar)

1/2 tsp of maca powder

1/2 tsp of mesquite

1 cup of very warm water

1/2 cup of almond milk

banana to garnish


Combine the chia seeds with water, cacao, sweetener, maca and mesquite and mix well.  Allow the chia seeds to swell – I suggest putting a lid on the mixture as it does so to keep it warm.  This only takes 2-5 minutes depending.

Place banana on top.  You can either choose to top with almond milk or warm almond milk and substitute for warm water in the previous step.