Why you shouldn't cook with Olive Oil...

Alyse Cocliff, Holistic health coach from "An Apple a Day", shares this common mistake we often make with cooking....

If you have ever watched an episode of ‘Jamie’s 30 minute meals’, you will know he loves a “little drizzle of olive oil” over absolutely everything. Whilst I love Jamie’s passion for real food and commend his efforts to bring about change in the food industry, I have to admit that I cringe every time he adds olive oil to a fry pan or dish over high heat. Why? As soon as you introduce Olive oil to high heat, it becomes rancid and can turn into a carcinogen (aka, cancer promoter).



Olive oil should not be consumed after it has reached its smoke point — the point at which an oil literally begins to smoke. Unfortunately, the smoke point of olive oil is not very clear as different companies list different smoke points across the board (this most likely reflects differences in degree of processing). As such the listed smoke point of Olive Oil usually occurs anywhere between 90-200 degrees celsius. Because we don’t cook with a thermometer in hand, or use the one brand of olive oil, I recommend my clients avoid cooking with olive oil completely.



Olive oil is a great addition to your nutritional plan, but you should avoid heating it! Olive oil is best:

  • Drizzled over vegetables or fish at the end of cooking
  • For use in salad dressings
  • As an alternative to butter or spreads

Choosing an extra virgin, cold pressed oil will also ensure that you have a high intake of nutrients and antioxidants.



  • Macadamia Oil can be used at temperatures below 160C (I use this oil when baking).
  • Organic Ghee
  • Cold pressed extra virgin Coconut oil
  • Fats/Lard left in the pan after cooking a grass-fed, free-range roast or rashes of nitrate free bacon


Help reduce the levels of toxins in your household and make the switch today.


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