Healthy spinach and kale omelette

Omelettes are seriously underrated!

A huge hit of low fat protein, you can make them taste different every single time.


Here is a favourite recipe of ours - perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner. AND, it is seriously fast to whip up.


Serves 1:

Ingredients - 

- 3 eggs (take out 2 egg yolks)

- 100 grams of baby spinach

- 1/2 diced tomato

- 50 grams of low fat ham, diced

- sprinkle of rosemary, salt and pepper

- handful of kale


You can add literally anything to an omelette - so if you like you can take creative control and channel your inner Jamie Oliver. 

The options we've suggested above are high protein, low fat - however feel free to add some cheese, any vegetables etc.


Cook as you would any omelette.