About Us

Who are we? Thanks for asking.

Like you we are tea lovers, tea drinkers and tea aficionados.For years, we have been creating our own tea combinations for personal consumption- with benefits! We found that our blends assisted weight loss, digestion, energy levels and relaxation.

With a myriad of of tea 'types' out there, it’s almost impossible for the common tea drinker to know what to sip on, when and why! So we decided to share our secret blends with you… and thus "Your Tea" was born.

All of our unique tea blends are derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine principles.

We’ve made it simple for you to be kind to your body - after all, you only have the one…

Your body speaks to you in whispers… so don't make it scream!


We care about your health.

It would be daft of us to hand you a packet of pretty tea bags and send you on your merry way.

It’s not the way we operate here at Your Tea!

We want to invite you on a journey that explains your health.

Providing you with knowledge on how to achieve, maintain and continue on with optimum health – with and without our products.

Our herbal blends

At Your Tea, our blends are based upon Traditional Chinese Medicine principles (TCM).

Why TCM? Whilst it isn’t for everyone, we resonate with the unique health and lifestyle principles it stands for.

In a nutshell, TCM encourages you to be proactive about your health, so you don’t have to be reactive about health problems.

Eating well, living calmly, active lifestyle, laughing often and loving always – assists the body in functioning to the best of its ability on a day-to-day basis.

How We Heal

TCM uses herbal concoctions that are consumed on an on-going basis, until your body has healed.

Chinese herbs are to be consumed on an on-going basis for a certain period of time. Each day your body will get stronger and stronger with the help of the herbs. Until eventually, the healing process is complete.

Life After Tea

You may be wondering once you’ve finished your round of tea, now what?

Does your body go back to ‘normal’/back to feeling the way it was?

The answer is very simple. Your body is your responsibility.

What you choose to put in your body will determine how it will feel 'post-tea'.

Maintaining a healthy balanced physical, emotional and social lifestyle is vital. You are in control of the choices you make - ensure they are choices that your body will thank-you for.

Here at Your Tea, we promote to strive for lifelong health, each day. For some of you, our teas will be a welcomed complement to an existing healthy lifestyle. For others, our teas will take your hand and guide you onto a new, healthier path. Each journey is unique and as such, we look forward to travelling it with you.

For your interest, we have an Eating Plan, Blogs and Healthy Tips to assist you along this path.