GUT INSURANCE: the importance of digestive health

Everyone knows that when a house is built, the foundation must first be laid.

Well, before we tackle symptoms the body is throwing out, we need to ensure the foundations of the body are laid correctly.

Therefore we go back to the most simple and overlooked part of the body; the digestive system.

Is it working? Are you bloated? Uncomfortable? Intolerant to multiple foods? Cranky? Sweaty? Clearing out rooms with gas? Lethargic?

We recommend our Digestive Herbs prior to any of our other blends, so that the foundation (your gut) is optimized for any other blend. Allowing the secondary blend to tend to its specific intentions. This is why we are currently offering our Digestive Herbs for essentially 50% off, so that we can allow you to access the benefit of two blends.

So how does it work in reality?

By consuming a box of Digestive Herbs first before, let’s say a Sleep Tea, allows the Sleep Tea to focus on insomnia instead of partial gut health.

Digestive Herbs explained by our TCM practitioners.


TCM Dr. Lauren Curtain chats in depth about the functionality and intentions of our Digestive Herbs (again, formerly known as TinyTea) and their specific ingredients.

“Digestive Herbs is a combination of fruits, seeds, stems, roots and leaves to create a balancing and strengthening effect on the digestive system. The aim of our Digestive Herbal blend is to maximise the functioning of the digestive system. The Spleen and Stomach are seen as the center of the digestive system in Chinese medicine, and this is the focus of our formula, strengthening their functioning whilst also helping to metabolise excess fluids and clear out excess accumulations in the form of fluids and dampness.

Shan Zha (Hawthorn Berry) is one of our star herbs in our blend that helps to move food easily through the digestive system and prevent accumulations. Barley Sprouts (Mai Ya) is included for its ability to clear dampness from the body and regulate the liver qi, which also helps to metabolise excess hormones and toxins. Jue Ming Zi (Cassia Seed) helps to clear heat and inflammation and regulate bowel movements and fluid metabolism.

Other herbs in the blend such as Shen Qi, Ze Xie, Qian Niu Zi, Chi Xiao Dou and Huo Xiang are included for their ability to move dampness out from the body and regulate fluid metabolism.

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

For all of you asking the nitty-gritty on how these herbs do aid PMS intricately, we’ve asked TCM Dr. Lauren Curtain to break it down in Chinese Medicine talk for you all.

“Our hormonal balance has a direct correlation to the state of our digestive health. In particular, the Spleen and Liver organ systems play a vital role in hormone metabolism and balance. The Spleen helps our body to extract the nutrients and Qi we require to maintain hormonal balance and helps our body to create the blood we will eventually release with our period. The Liver is in charge of processing our hormones and emotions, if the Liver Qi isn’t flowing as smoothly as it should be, it can result in a build-up of excess hormones and emotions resulting in PMS. Experiencing signs and symptoms around your menstrual cycle such as period pain, irregular cycles, skin breakouts, fluid retention/bloating, headaches, bowel changes & breast tenderness etc, is a key sign from your body to start supporting your digestive system. Our Digestive Herbal blend contains herbs that help to support the functioning of our Spleen and Liver organ systems to help restore and regain hormonal balance and decrease PMS symptoms”


Digestive Herbs is our star blend for helping to clear out phlegm and damp. But ‘what on earth are phlegm and damp’ we hear you say… good question. This is certainly venturing into Chinese Medicine terminology territory, so we’ve asked TCM Dr. Lauren Curtain to explain these conditions in further depth.

“Phlegm and damp are seen as turbid substances in Chinese medicine that arise from weak Spleen and Stomach function. The Spleen and Stomach are in charge of our digestion and assimilation of nutrients from our food.

The Stomach ‘rottens and ripens’ the food and drink we consume, like a compost, it prepares the food to be used by the body. The Spleen has the function of transforming and transporting the Qi of the food we consume around the body. The waste is then sent to the bowel to be eliminated.

When our Spleen and Stomach are functioning optimally, our body is thriving and balanced, and no symptoms arise. When the functioning of our Spleen and Stomach is compromised, nutrients can’t be extracted optimally, our absorption is lowered and the waste and fluid builds up in our body. Signs and symptoms start showing up like weight gain/fluid retention, swelling, bloating, constipation and/or loose stools/diarrhoea, fatigue, headaches, and emotional symptoms like excessive worry and anxiety. When these types of symptoms show up it is a clear sign our digestive systems need some attention! Digestive Herbs contain a specially formulated blend of herbs that aim to target the underlying functioning of our Spleen and Stomach to help improve their functioning, whilst also doing some damage control helping to clear out any retained fluid and waste to help effectively restore order and balance to the body”.

If you think your body may be laden with some phlegm or damp, then Digestive Herbs (tablet or teabag option) are our most suitable blend in our Your Tea range for you.


TCM Dr. Lauren Curtain explains in further depth exactly how the ingredients in Digestive Herbs (formerly TinyTea) operate to address gut dysfunction.

“In Chinese medicine, there is the perspective that we should be able to eat ‘anything’ without experiencing discomfort/pain or bloating. Now they weren’t

talking about anything as in junk food that doesn’t support our health, but any whole foods that are bodies should be able to use for fuel. In Chinese medicine, we see food intolerances as a weakness of the Spleen and Stomach, an inability to digest and absorb certain foods. Rather than just avoiding these foods, we want to correct the underlying functioning of these organs for overall health and to be able to reintroduce these foods if desired. Digestive Herbs contain a specifically formulated blend of herbs that aim to support the functioning of the organs involved in digestion in Chinese medicine like the Stomach, Spleen and Liver. When these organs are functioning optimally our digestive systems are strong and robust. Many of our customers report improvements in previously diagnosed food intolerances after taking Digestive Herbs due to the strengthening in their digestive system and improving the ability to extract essential nutrients and process and eliminate waste efficiently and effectively.”

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