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<< Tea Up With Someone Else

Julia Also goes by Chinese Red Date, Da Zao, Jujube, Ziziphus Jujuba, Hong Zao

Age:  11,000  Birthplace:  Southern China  Occupation:  Friend for hire…because all mine are dead  Relationship Status:  Recently single and ready to mingle  Perfect Match:  Zoe, though, I’m not fussy, anyone still breathing.

“Old enough to know better, experienced enough to do it better.”

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, da zao assists in tonifying the Qi. It’s said to enter the spleen and stomach and is warm in nature, therefore assisting to nourish the blood. Blood is our life force; it’s what carries oxygen around the body, ensuring optimum energy levels, smooth digestion, and an overall sense of wellbeing. Healthy blood increases the body’s ability to cleanse, resulting in a reduction of excess weight, as well as treating anxiety and alleviating insomnia. Meaning you get a decent night’s sleep and feel energised all day. Win.

Written by Dr. Nat Kringoudis, TCM.

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