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by Your Tea


Welcome to the first episode of TCM honoured by Your Tea. We can’t wait to do a deep dive into all things Chinese Medicine but before we do, we thought it was important to introduce you to the modality of Traditional Chinese Medicine, comprehensively. In this episode TCM Dr. Lee Smith covers all that Chinese Medicine is, from the energy principles of Qi, Shen and Jing to the tools a TCM doctor uses to balance the body such as acupuncture, herbs and cupping. We cover it all in this episode, providing a solid foundation to the episodes that are to follow. Ever wanted to know more about Traditional Chinese Medicine? Wisdom awaits….


A common statement for this topic we are about to delve into is “I never used to feel like this”. Perhaps this resonates for you and you feel as if your body never used to be the way it is now - you’re not alone! For this episode we invited TCM Dr. Lee Smith back to the episode to explore the concept of constitutional Vs acquired weakness. Lee explains what a constitutional weakness is and in comparison, how a weakness may be acquired. Here, Lee touches on potential major events, such as pregnancy, that have the ability to change one’s constitutional weakness to an acquired. Lee also covers what elements need to be addressed when tending to an acquired weakness and how long one should spend trying to heal their weaknesses. This episode is packed full of useful, inspiring knowledge and we are so excited to share it with you!


In Traditional Chinese Medicine there are considered to be numerous external causes of disharmony that relate to climatic conditions. They are known as the ‘pathogenic factors’. Today’s episode is an introduction to these pathogenic factors as we discuss one that you may be all too familiar with; Damp. You may have heard us mention this factor previously, or perhaps you are hearing about it for the first time. If you’re not digesting food well and therefore experiencing symptoms such as mucus, inflammation, cellulite and brain fog - dampness may be your worst enemy. Either way, the knowledge shared by TCM Dr. Lee Smith throughout this episode is sure to be helpful in identifying whether one has damp causing disharmony in the body. Tune in to learn more about the characteristics of damp, how one may attain it through lifestyle factors and how one may feel when affected by it.


Following on from our previous episode on damp, this episode covers the pathogenic factor of heat. In this episode we ask TCM Dr. Lee Smith how heat is viewed from a Chinese Medicine perspective and how one may attain it. Lee speaks of certain symptoms of heat such as dry skin, constipation, scanty urination and agitation and not only how one may acquire heat through lifestyle factors, but also how one may reduce and rectify it. Wondering if heat may be invading you? Tune in to find out more



It is said that an invasion of cold will be of sudden onset, leaving one with potential symptoms such as headaches, chills, aches and potentially vomiting and diarrhoea. Not pleasant to say the slightest!

In today’s episode, TCM Dr. Lee Smith delves into the pathogenic factor of cold, explaining how one may acquire, experience and then aim to reduce it.

Stress, emotions, diet and lifestyle are all contributing factors here.

Listen in to see whether your daily regime is contributing to or preventing the invasion of cold.




Lauren Curtain is a Women's Health focused Acupuncturist and Herbalist. She centres her clinical practice around supporting women to navigate their hormones, menstrual cycles and fertility using a combination of education (all the womens health info you didn't get in high school), acupuncture, herbal medicine, diet and lifestyle support. Lauren believes every woman has the right to know how her body works, and what she can do to optimise not only her reproductive health, but whole body health. Lauren sees with her patients the dramatic improvements that can be made to reproductive health through simple, inexpensive, non invasive techniques and firmly believes symptomatic periods and menstrual cycles can be a thing of the past.

Instagram: @laurencurtain

Doctor Lee Smith has studied Chinese medicine and health from several teachers, and been influenced in natural medicine and Qi gong, from an early age. His gentle nature and devotion to the internal arts, allows him to guide through difficult cases with personal experience, providing a treatment and sound advice that will lead you on the right track to recovery.

Starting massage at home in his teen years, he began professional training in the sunshine coast, with a 2 year Advanced Diploma of Shiatsu massage and acupuncture, which lead to the discovery of his natural talent and calling in life.

​Continuing to Melbourne he delved deeper into Chinese Medicine Completing a 4 year bachelor of health science -Chinese medicine (Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine). In addition to undergoing Rigorous Training in the Xing MIng Qi Gong (meditation) System, From His Chinese Qi Gong Master , Master Liu.

Instagram: @lee_smith_natural_soul

Kimberley is our resident Womb Healer. She specialises in Women's Health with a focused interest in fertility and reproductive health imbalances. She dives deep into her work with passion, sensitivity and empathy, walking with women on their fertility and menstrual health journeys. She understands that to ready our bodies for healing, healthy cycles and hormones, conscious conception and pregnancy, we need to connect into our womb wisdom and nurture our heart to womb connection. Kimberley's work centres around the guiding principle that for women to flourish with optimal health, fertility and menstrual harmony, Womb Medicine needs to play an integral role and is the missing link to the holistic framework of women’s health. Kimberley practices Reproductive Health Massage & Bodywork in Hampton, Melbourne and is completing her studies in Acupuncture and Herbal Chinese Medicine.

Instagram: @_kimberleypeters
Facebook: Kimberley Rachael

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