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Breastfriend Tea

A wise woman knows that it takes superpowers to make breastmilk. We made Breastfriend Tea for when you need the Robin to your Batman.


Traditionally my ingredients have been used to assist with:

  • Supporting mothers pre and post natal
  • Recovering from fatigue
  • Replenishing fluids
  • Increasing energy
  • Reducing swelling
  • Assisting bowel function

Our Breastfriend Tea formula has been designed by qualified TCM practitioners in Australia.

*consume products separately. Finish one whole box/product and then move onto the next. Ideally begin with Digestive Herbs.


Black Tea, Jing Mi (rice), Lu Lu Tong (formosan gum), Gan Cao (licorice root), Dang Gui (female ginseng), Wang Bu Liu Xing (cowherb).

60 teabags per box. Each teabag weighs 2.5g.

Australian Company
Chinese Herbal Ingredients
Fast Worldwide Delivery
Keto Friendly

Reiterating our TCM Doctors’ words of wisdom, Breastfriend Tea may assist with the following:

Breast milk quality and quantity, digestion, mood stability, lethargy, sleep (quality of), unsettled bub, feeling like ‘you’ve got this, Mama’.

Ancient wisdom says rules are made to be broken. Just not ours.

Consume 2 tea bags per day.

1 in the AM, 1 in the PM.

Every day – until all teabags consumed.

Consistency is key with Chinese herbs.

All blends to be consumed on their own. Mixing with other blend types will reduce efficacy.

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