Because knowledge is power, we’ve gathered words from our Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners to explain ailments and solutions. From diet to lifestyle, emotions to energy - we hand you our qualified words of wisdom.

E-Book: The Digestive Herbs Health Guide (52 Pages)
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52 pages of qualified information from Dr Nat TCM. All you need to achieve optimal health and wellbeing.


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E-Book: Skin Herbs, Making Skin Magic incl. 14 Recipes
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A wise man knows it's the health of your body internally that dictates what your skin looks like externally.


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Ladies; get excited, because Dr. Nat has got the (much needed) answers for your reproductive health.


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ENDOMETRIOSIS - A painful problem that we hear about far too often at Your Tea. It is a topic that Chinese Medicine feels confident in discussing and better yet, is able to offer up many viable solutions for management and treatment of.


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E-Book: Menopause explained from a TCM perspective.
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From hot flushes, to weight gain, to dislodged yang - we delve deep to explain this stage of life. The good. The bad. The burning hot.


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E-Book: Cellulite: the non-aesthetic issue that helps us find balance.
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We are going to talk about it, because cellulite is merely another symptom that can lead us to deeper root causes of disease in the body. And to be frank, it shouldn't be a taboo topic anymore.


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E-Book: Weight Loss Solutions
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Eating all the right foods yet still not achieving your aesthetic goals? Frustrating. A wise man knows when to seek further information. Which is what we have here.
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E-Book: Eating for a Compromised Digestive System
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The beauty of Traditional Chinese Medicine is that it approaches digestive health in a low fuss manner. Forget the diets, the fads, the weeks of cutting out foods… all of which do little other than exacerbate a person.


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